Our Vehicles

We run artics with 5 different types of trailer and can carry heavier loads under STGO CAT 1 regulations, our range of trailers are listed below: -

33ft flat bed rear steer with twist locks, posts and sockets

45ft flat bed fitted with twist locks, posts and sockets 

4.2m high curtainsider 

Step frame

Plant trailer

Low loader

Our King low loader is a special piece of equipment as the height of the bed from the floor is only 650mm, this allows us to be able to move over height equipment.

Smaller loads can be moved using our Ford Ranger and Ifor Williams trailer which can carry up to 2600kgs in weight and has a bed space of 4.87m x 1.9m (15ft 10" x 6ft 2").

We also have our own fully equipped abnormal load escort vehicle and can offer this vehicle with a qualified driver to escort your abnormal load, or to move anything pallet sized up to 850kgs in weight.

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